Polycarbonate injection molding company from China

polycarbonate injection molding

You would probably be interested in finding a manufacturer and designer who specializes in polycarbonate injection molding , who has a reputation for delivering durable yet cost-effective products. (as low as $5 per piece in some cases).

Topworks Plastic Mold specializes in the injection molding of polycarbonate in China. In case you are looking for a polycarbonate molding company that can assist you, then we can help you.

Our expertise in the design, tooling, and production of high-quality injection moulded polycarbonate products has been developed over the past ten years, which enables us to supply excellent products at reasonable prices both nationally and internationally. On the other hand, Topworks aims to offer the best quality in the industry.

This allows us to become one of only a few companies who are capable of developing polycarbonate molding tools and processes, producing polycarbonate molding components, and delivering polycarbonate plastic components through our full range of PC injection molding services.

No matter whether you are planning to develop a work-in-progress or an existing concept, our processes are able to simplify every step of the polycarbonate injection molding process.

Polycarbonate injection molding involves the following:

  • Parts for automobiles
  • Instruments used in the medical field
  • Aerospace
  • Packaging field
  • Electronic device
  • Lenses for optical systems
  • Lighting utilizing LED technology

There are a few maximum wall thicknesses of PC products that can reach up to 3 cm; however, the surface does not shrink and the interior is free from bubbles.